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A valid passport is mandatory. Visa requirement are subject to change and should be checked prior to traveling to Ghana. Visas can be acquired in advance at a Ghanaian Embassy or High Commission, Consulate or other embassies authorized by the Government of Ghana to issue visas on her behalf.One should verify the necessary documentation with the nearest Embassy or High commission.


The currency is Ghana Cedis and Ghana pesewas.There are no restrictions on the amount of foreign currency that may be brought into Ghana and no currency declaration is required, but import and export of Ghana currency is illegal. Foreign currency in cash or traveler’s cheques may be exchanged at banks, authorized dealers and at foreign exchange bureaus at the international airports and major towns.


Yellow fever vaccination is required by all except infants under one year.An international yellow-fever vaccination certificate is needed.Take anti- malaria pills/dose at least 14 days before you set out for Africa. Malaria is common so prophylaxis should be taken before and after your visit according to your physician’s prescription.Tap water is not safe to drink; pure drinking water is available at hotels and supermarkets.
However for accurate and most updated info please visit the Ghana Embassy/High Commission.


Greetings in Ghana expresses one’s concern for the other.Failing/refusing to do so may indicate that you do not care for the other’s welfare.
Smiling is also a form of greeting. An effort to learn some greeting words such as ‘Akwaaba’ (welcome ) win hearts here.

Handshake is a popular way of greeting in Ghana.When shaking hands with a number of people, start from the extreme right and proceed towards the left.

The left hand has limited functions in Ghana. The use of the left hand for certain activities is abhorred.This is one reason our men wear traditional cloth throwing the fabric over the left hand. In particular, avoid receiving or giving, waving at people with the left hand. If you are naturally left handed, it is not your fault and it is no offence.


The climate is normally warm and tropical all year round. Besure to pack light washable cotton clothes and casual wear. Do not forget your sunglasses and comfortable working shoes.There are no restrictions what travelers have to wear.


Ghana is a safe country. However, just like any other country, you have to be cautious of your surroundings. Keep an eye on your purses, wallets, handbags and cameras. Hotels have security personnel, which you can make use of where applicable.

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